EMR Services

EMR Services Ltd., founded in 1995 by Tim Lutes, is a locally owned and operated service company.We currently operate four service vehicles and staff a 3500 sq. ft. shop facility for in-house repairs, when on-site repair is not practical.Our shop facility is also used to host manufacturer-provided training sessions in which we welcome the participation of sub-agents from the entire Maritime region.We also inventory replacement parts for many commercial product lines and have access to additional parts through our manufacturing partners.As well, we maintain a wholesale counter for numerous items used in the repair of industrial and commercial equipment.

The original mainstays of EMR’s business were electrical and refrigeration contracting.However, as market conditions changed in early 2000, our focus began to move more toward the service aspect of the business.

Presently, our technicians are primarily refrigeration mechanics with factory, on-site and in-house supplemental training in food service and refrigeration equipment.They all hold a G2 gas certificate or are working toward one.Our technicians have been exposed to a great variety of equipment; they are self motivated and customer oriented.Our goal is to meet our customers’ requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. We are acutely aware that the quality of service the customer receives is a direct reflection on both the service provider and the equipment manufacturer.But most importantly, we strive to ensure that our customer’s productivity is minimally affected by limiting down-time.

EMR Services Ltd. does not sell new equipment.Our goal is service; we remain neutral on questions of equipment recommendations, and do not accept finder’s fees or commissions from sales.However, we are willing to offer advice to our customers on various equipment and its suitable applications.